"SenatorJPO" is a pseudonym for an under-employed higher education critic.

More than an Internet thought leader, SenatorJPO strategizes to build better safeguards against the under-employment of college graduates, as well as to incorporate these into the cultural composition of Western civilization, such that it becomes "common sense" for universities to ensure their recent grads have professional jobs.

(Instead of doing run-of-the-mill manual labor like workers -without- college must do to get-by. Even worse is when these degree-holding graduates can -only- get any type of decent-paying job through a staffing agency, because even the blue-collar workplaces don't want them as permanent employees.)

SenatorJPO's Propaganda (Online Activities)

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Frequently-Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

"What are your skills, SenatorJPO?"

Fact-finding; divergent thinking; and persuasive writing. Also, a sprinkling of HTML and CSS skills -- as evinced by this modest website.

"I want to offer you a worthwhile job, SenatorJPO. How do I reach you under your legal name?"

If you're thorough in piecing-together the information, then you can potentially infer a strong guess as to whom SenatorJPO really is. Reach-out to those people on your short-list of possible "SenatorJPOs," and the real one will respond appropriately. (If that's too much "running around" to contact me, then you're not truly invested in what I offer.)